Tvojih 208 – Social Media Case Study


Tvojih 208 is physical therapy center based in Zagreb. The only KPIs the small local business like Tvojih 208 are interested in are:
1. Are we reaching and engaging the target audience?
2. How many of our social media fans are inquiring about our initiatives?
3. How many of them actually book the appointment?

Since 80% of their business is based on returning customers, bringing new people could significantly influence their growth and stability.


To create the successful and engaging communication calendar we have to know our audience. After listening to my client, our group was clear: busy, above 34 years old people who spend way too much time in front of computer and which more frequent do sport and visit nature.

Second step was defining engaging messages and initiatives to create. People who work too much often have back or neck pain, but they lack time or trust to just call physiotherapist. To build trust we made “Open doors week” campaign – for the whole week, people could just drop us Facebook message and schedule free first consultation. Third part of our strategy was offline follow up and customer management. We started to collect e-mails and health information about patients that was beginning of the customer service. 


Social media reach and engagement outperformed, but more immediate success was measured in scheduled free consolations, that in most cases resulted in buying packages (10 arrivals). Social Media ROI in the first two months was 150 %, which means that our efforts and cost were very profitable for the client.