Creative Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration

Show, don’t tell could be the new social media mantra for all Instagram producers out there. Every social media mission or
campaign brainstorming starts with an extensive research on the topic, so take a look at brands and people who are successful
in engaging with their audience trough creative and fun content.

Chobani stepped out usual (boring) food smoothie photo routine with highlighted colours and busy backgrounds.
You just want to eat everything, even the backgrounds 🙂

Caroline South is stylist and photographer. It is very easy to get lost in Caroline’s patterns and nature inspired photos.

Behind this stationery obsession and web shop are two graphic designers. They are successful in showing mundane objects
in new perspective.

Every step that Anya Hindmarch does in marketing is worth following. She uses Instagram to successfully convey
humorous story for luxury and individual taste.

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